BoonEx has acquired Zarconia. Existing operations have been resumed. Click here for more information.

About Us

We're the host for social software.

Founded in late 2012, our mission from the start has been to offer hosting solutions for Dolphin that work. We started with optimized shared servers, backed with our decade of experience with our own Dolphin sites. Today, more than one thousand sites have launched on our shared and dedicated servers, and we have become the only host certified for both Dolphin and UNA - a testament to our commitment.

Social Focus

Founded for Dolphin users by fellow avid users. It's a match made in heaven.

Real Impact

We've helped launch over one thousand sites to date. Here's to the next thousand.

BoonEx Certified

We're the only host that's BoonEx Certified to handle both Dolphin and UNA.

This is a testimonial. I was really going to ask you about that, but then the flower pot got cold and I had to answer the telephone. Lots of love!

Ken M. -